Affisch och schema för hälsoveckan 2021

The Health Week 2021

Welcome to participate in the student health week November 22nd to 26th! There will be activities both during lunch time and after school. The activities focus on all aspects of health: physical, psychological and social.[…]

Become a Student Buddy


It has finally time to sign up to become a Student Buddy for the fall semester! The new students more than ever needs someone to turn to, and with the help of our student buddy[…]


Scientias needs you!

Scientias, the student union´s section for the Faculty of Librarianship, Information, Education and IT needs you who, together with a group of other engaged students, want to make the university experience at the University of[…]

Reklam bild för att rekruterar projektgrupp för vår intro

Project group for the spring introduction 2022

The spring semester is fast approaching and it’s time to put together a project group for the spring introduction of 2022. The introductions, at other universities also called student orientation, are our way of welcoming[…]

Picture of breakfast

Our Member Breakfasts are back!

Every month, the week before CSN arrives, the Student Union in Borås offers breakfast to its members and we are happy to have them back after they have been paused due to the pandemic.  The[…]

Poster to advertise the project group to a fancy seating

Plan the fanciest event of the year with us!

For 1.5 years we have been longing for big dinners and parties. But not anymore! To celebrate that we can finally meet, the student union in Borås will arrange a fine seating / ball this[…]

We are there for you!

We are there for you when you need support, help with education related questions, check your membership status or just want to come by and have a coffee. Our reception is open Monday to Thursday[…]

Apply to be a Student Safety Representative

Are you interested in ensuring that the campus and study environment is safe for all students at the University of Borås?   If you are proficient in Swedish the position as student safety representative may be[…]

Graphic with a watercolour background in red, yellow and blue together with the slogan 'Questions and Answers - Introduction Edition' on it

Questions & Answers – Introduction Edition

Today it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions about the upcoming introduction. Have a look through the carousel post and find out all about the introduction, where to find the schedule, when zoom links[…]

Attention Sign

Technical Problems with the Membership Registration

NOTE to all students: We are currently experiencing technical problems and it is therefore not possible to become a member of the Student Union in Borås at the moment.   We are working hard to solve[…]