Candidates to the Student Union board

Before the hearing on thursday the nomination committee have published the list of candidates for the board. You can find them below and on the Facebook event. Chairman 8 nominations and 0 candidates Presidial with[…]

The Student Union Election of 2018-2019!

The Student union election process has started! You have the chance to nominate others, or candidate yourself, to key positions in our beloved student unions. All of the positions gives you the opportunity to affect[…]

Toabladet w.3

This weeks toablad lifts STARK and welcomes our new students. You can download it via the link or read it below Toablad v3.

A Welcome letter from the Introduction

Welcome to The Student Union of Borås, The University of Borås, Borås city, and your next life changing step. You have made an active choice to educate yourself, to acquire new knowledge and experiences, to[…]