All of our student members get over 60 local and plenty of regional and nation wide discounts and deals from various companies.

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University students can become members to get lots of good deals and discounts which we continuously work towards expanding!

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The Student Union is working towards improving the education at the University with influence through the students.

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Want to get involved? We’re looking for students for a number of positions within our function. Take a look at the available posts here.

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Welcome to The Student Union of Borås

We want you to have the best time possible, studying at the University of Borås. That’s why we make sure there are students working towards improving the quality of the education by asking questions and giving their opinion on all matters before different decisions are being made at the University. Apart from this, we also work to give our members really good various deals and discounts!

  • Students working for students
  • Students helping students
  • Students having fun together!

Our newsletter Toabladet is published regularly, you’ll find the latest issue below. The name is Swedish for The Toilet Paper and is named so since it’s mainly posted in the restrooms around campus. (Previously published editions can be found here.)

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