Studentkåren i Borås har tre underorgan som kallas sektioner. Under introduktionen bär faddrarna tröjor som visar vilken de tillhör. Rött för Novitas, Humanitas i blått och Scientias i gult. Varje sektion har en egen styrelse och ofta hittar du dem i deras rum inne på högskolan. Novitas in T402 on the 4th floor in the Swedish School of Textiles, Humanitas in E630 by "vårdcaféet" and Scientias in B429. You are more than welcome to step by and say 'Hi'!

The three sections are linked to three corresponding faculties at the University of Borås. Students automatically belong to a section depending on what they study! 

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What is it really that the sections do? Well, the answer to that is quite simple, they do a lot of fun activities! The sections' activities can be summarized under three categories: Student influence and educational monitoring, Labor market and business life and Study social activites.The sections work with all three parts, but in different ways.

Often students come in contact with the study social activitiesThe study time is about more than the studies, for a lot of people it's a quite special and unique time of your life. So really take the chance and try something new and meet new people! Join a book club, attend banquets or take part in a clothes change day!

The very core of the Student Union of Borås is student influence and educational monitoring. You could say that student unions function as trade unions for students and can be involved in running student matters. Students have the right to be represented when decisions are made that have a bearing on the education or their situation. The student union is responsible for appointing student representatives who participate in various councils and committees and contribute a student perspective at the University of Borås.

The sections also organize various activities to help students get a foot in to the working life and create contacts in the business world. Everything from inspirational lectures to visits to fairs.


Studentinflytande och utbildningsbevakning är själva kärnan i Studentkåren i Borås verksamhet, i egenskap av kår. Vid varje sektion finns det till exempel studerandeskyddsombud som studenter kan vända sig till med frågor som rör deras studiemiljö och lokaler. De väljs årsvis av studenterna vid högskolan, precis som sektionernas styrelse. 

Each section president sits on a management council with the head of the faculty (the faculty dean) and is then given the opportunity to represent the students in all matters concerning the students at the faculty. The job of the section boards is thus twofold, on the one hand to lead the study social activities for the students at the section but also to represent their case against the university. Student influence is regulated by law and is a fantastic opportunity for students to influence their study time and education. Because who knows a program's strengths and weaknesses better than the students who read it?

"Students have the right to be represented when decisions are made or preparations are made that have significance for the education or the students' situation."  Högskolelagen 2 kap. 7§

Alla studenter kan såklart inte vara med överallt, därför väljs varje år studenter som företräder den samlade gruppen. Tillsammans med styrelsen har ordförande och vice-ordförande i varje sektion en viktig uppgift att tillsammans med kansliet representera studenterna vid sin akademi i samtal med högskolan.


The sections also organize various activities to help students get a foot in to the working life and create contacts in the business world. Everything from inspirational lectures to visits to fairs. 

The type of activities students are interested in varies greatly between the academies and courses. Many of the students who study to become teachers will, for example, work in municipal operations and have very different needs than those who study e.g. systems scientist.

Together with the university and the construction industry, Novitas organizes a construction night once or twice every semester. In slightly lighter forms, the industry offers experiences and inspiring speeches. Scientias organizes a trip to the Book Fair for the entire section, but mostly aimed at the library students. Humanitas organizes Engagement Evening with lectures from the various educational areas.


Students usually come into contact with study social activities in the first place. It can be at a Halloween party, Novitas yearly trip to Copenhagen Fashion Week, a book club or activities during the MusicAid. Do you feel that you, as a member of the union or a student at HB, are missing something? Then you can talk to your section board! 

If you are interested in getting involved in the sections' study social work, the best way is to keep an eye out for project groups! They are advertised on Instagram and Facebook, the section boards are responsible for leading the work and appointing project groups together with the union board.


represents all students studying at the Faculty of Textiles, Engineering and Business.


represents all students studying at the Faculty of Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare.


represents all students studying at the Faculty of Librianship, Information, Education and IT.