Fall Introduction 2017

The introduction is an opportunity for you to get to know your classmates, other students, the university and its campus, and the city. Through competitions, seatings, games and parties you will experience everything that Borås has to offer for your student life. To be eligible for participation on the introduction you’ll receive a wristband from your student buddies on your first day. The wristband acts as a ticket for the introduction.

During the introduction you will meet your student buddies, they wear a yellow, red or blue t-shirt depending on which section they belong to. The student buddy is a student at the university whom has taken the responsibility to introduce you to everything new and to help you settle down.

During the whole introduction there will be a contest between the sections that involves to collect points for your section by finishing missions that is found on the 100-list. The judges in this competition, who also gives out the points, are known as PG (point generals) and are wearing orange t-shirts. Help your section bring home the trophy and show that you’re section is the one that dominates!

Introduction week 1

Monday 28th of August

Welcome ceremony at the Textile Fashion Center – At 09:00 all students gather at the courtyard behind “Textile Fashion Center”

The semester and the introduction have officially started! There will be student buddies on the campus, the main square (Stora Torget), and at the travel center (Borås Resecentrum) to help you find your way to the welcome ceremony. The day will consist of presentations, a guided tour, collecting the university keycards and other activities to prepare you for your upcoming studies and for you to get to know the university and its campus. Expect the day to go on until 16:30.

It is a long day and it is important you get something to eat to keep your spirit up. Therefore the student buddies will take you to one of the many restaurant Borås has to offer. Take a peek inside of your study bag, which you receive during the welcome at the Textile Fashion Center, where you will find different offers from different restaurants. You can also bring food which you can heat up on campus at different student pentries. Ask your student buddies to show you!

Barbecue at Ramnaparken – Gathering at 16:30 by “The lazy student”

After a long day with many impressions and new faces we take a walk to Ramnaparken where you can enjoy a barbecue with your newfound classmates, student buddies and future friends. Your student buddies will take you to get something good to eat. Eat food together, drink something refreshing, and get to know each other! There will be different types of traditional Swedish “barbecue” games to play.

Tuesday 29th of August

Union section activity – Gathering at 16:15 by “The lazy student”

Does your program belong to Novitas, Humanitas or Scientias? To get the opportunity go get to know your fellow students even better but also other students in your section there will be a section activity hosted by the different sections at the university. More information for what your section will do this afternoon will be given to you when you gather by The Lazy Student.

Theme party - the section’s colours – 20:00 at “The Kårner”

The student pub opens up for the years first club night. The theme for the night is your section’s colour, so dress up in something yellow, blue or red and show the other sections who are the best dancers! Don’t forget to bring an ID as you need to be 18 years or older to be able to attend. You will also need your introduction wristband as this works as your ticket.

Wednesday 30th of August

City tour – Gathering at 16:30 by “The lazy student”

You will walk to different stops around Borås. At the stations you perform some sort of mission to receive a clue. Visit all the stations, gather all the clues and make your way to the final stop with the correct phrase!The City tour takes you around Borås to some keyplaces where you and your team will perform a mission to receive a clue as to where the next station is.

Thursday 31th of August

Pub crawl – Gathering at 16:15 by “The lazy student”

Join the pub crawl of Borås where you will get to see most of the pubs that Borås has to offer. Find your new favourite place and make your way through the night to end up at one of Borås nightclubs. Don’t forget to bring your ID as most places have 18 as the age limit.

Friday 1th of September

Rounders tournament a.k.a. “Brännboll” – Gathering at 17:00 on “Almenäs”

To finish of your first school week there will be a tournament in Rounders, also known as “Brännboll” in Swedish. Participate in one of swedens traditional pass times , or if you don’t want to play you can always bring something to grill. The introduction will have grills running all evening. To get to Almenäs you take the bus number 1 from either the bus square (Södra Torget) or Simonsland traveling to Sjöbo. You get off at the last stop that is called “Skogsfrugatan”. Then you walk through the residence area to the lake. Don’t be hesitant to ask a student buddy for help

Map from the bus stop (Skogsfrugatan) to the field (Almenäs)

Studentpub at The Kårner - 20:00

The Kårner opens its doors for the first studentpub of the year! If you want to know more about The Kårner find them on facebook!

Saturday 2nd of September

Association clubs day – Gathering at 13:00 by “The lazy student”

The play day is a chance for you as a new student to find out what the different association groups have to offer. The day will take place in Ramnaparken. The different association groups will make sure this day never will be forgotten. Perhaps you will even join one of them, and make new friendships that last a lifetime?

Sunday 3rd of September

Brunch – 10:00 at “The Kårner”

Get ready for a day at IKEA, or finish the week off with your new friends with a brunch at The Kårner. The brunch is open between 10:00 and 14:00. You can book your place for 20kr via the following link: https://medlem.studentkareniboras.se/event/, You pay for the ticket in advance at the student unions reception.

IKEA – Buss leaves at 11:00 from “The lazy student”

Are you new to Borås and haven’t bought all you need for your new apartment yet? Don’t worry, this day you get the chance to go to IKEA in Kållered to get all you need. The bus will leave from Borås 11:00 and will head back to Borås at 16:00. Book your spot on the bus via the following link: https://medlem.studentkareniboras.se/event/. There is a limited amount of tickets for this trip so make sure you get one in time.

Movie night – 19:00 in “Textile Fashion Center – Vestindien C”

After a long day at IKEA you can cozy up in front of a movie with the rest of the students. If you bring your own snack remember the university is nut free due to allergies. Your introduction wristband will allow you to enter.

Introduction week 2

Monday 4th of September

Boatbuilding – Gathering at 16:15 by “The lazy student”

The yearly boat race is often one of the introductions highlights! Together with the other students in your section you will build a boat. The boat should be both fast and be able to cross the finish line to win. For those who have pimped their boat the best will also recieve a price. All of the materials for the boats will be brought by you, feel free to ask your student buddies for inspiration. When arriving at “Sandwalls plats” your student buddies will inform you how the building and the race will proceed. We will start 17:00 at “Stadsparken” and you will have two hours to build your boat.

Boat race – 19:00 at “Viskan”

Two brave students will represent their section and act as captains of the boats to get to the finish line first. Who they should be, you decide with your section. For those considering being a captain for one of the boats, we encourage to bring comfortable clothing and shoes that you can take a swim in. Life jackets will be handed out by the student union. After a number of heats we will have a winning section. Make sure to be there to support your section with creative chants! Will it be Novitas, Humanitas or Scientias who win this year?

Student pub – 20:00 at “The Kårner”

After the victor has been crowned we will go to The Kårner and celebrate your victory, or brighten your spirit after a heartbreaking loss. Remember your ID and your introduction armband to get in. An agelimit of 18 applies.

Tuesday 5th of September

How it works: Examination – 12.15-12.50 in Sparbankssalen(M2)

Are you not sure how the examination works? Which preparations that needs to be done, how it works when you are there, and what happens afterwards? You will get the answer to all of these questions, and more. The student union invites all of the new international students to listen when we explain how it works before, during and after an examination. You can bring your own lunch!

Bubble ball tournament – Gathering at 17:00 on “Kransmossens IP”

It’s finally time for the big day! During the activity we will play football while wearing bubble balls. Team registration will be made on site. The activity will be held on “Kransmossens IP”. To get there you’ll take take bus number 2 “Trandared” that leaves from the bus square (Södra torget). You get off at the bus stop that is called “Östergårdsplan”. Don’t be afraid to ask your student buddies for help!

Map from the bus stop ”Östergårdsplan” to ”Kransmossens IP”.

Wednesday 6th of September

Mingle before the seatings – Gathering at 18:00 by ”The lazy student”

The mingle is a fantastic beginning for the nights seatings. To everyone that has acquired a ticket to a seating we offer free beverages and good music from the speakers will set the mood.

Seating – The seatings start at 19:00

A seating is a dinner with a lot of sing along, performances and other festive events. The association groups at the university arrange four different seatings with different themes. Two of the seatings will be held in English. You can find more information about the different seatings on posters around the campus or in the seatings-events on Facebook. To be able to participate on one of the seatings you’ll have to buy a ticket, your student buddies will tell you more on how this is done. Don’t forget your wristband and ID to be able to attend! The activity is arranged together with the association groups Otyg, FästING, SVINA and 7k-skriven.

Seating-after party – 22:00-02:00 on “XoY”

After a fantastic seating with good food and lovely performances XoY will open their doors for all the new students and student buddies. Up to midnight there is 50% off in the bar and free entrance if you have your wristband. Don’t forget your ID – the age limit is 18.

Thursday 7th of September

This day we’ll take a break from the introduction to attend the 40 year anniversary of the University of Borås.
You can find more information and the schedule for the day at the following link:http://www.hb.se/jubileumsdag

Friday 8th of September

Pre party at The Kårner – The doors open up at 20:00

If you’re in the mood for a pre party before the final party on “Grand” you are more than welcome to The Kårner.

Final party on Grand! – The gates open up at 22:00

To finish these two weeks of the introduction we’ll have a big closing party on Grand. With your wristband you’ll enter for free. It is also free if you wish to put something in the wardrobe. During the introduction there has been an ongoing competition between the three sections and the winning section will be announced from the PG’s (point generals) this night. Who will take the trophy this year? The winners are announced at mid night but the party keeps on going until 02:30. You don’t want to miss the introductions biggest and last party. It is almost always a memorable night for everyone.