Fall Introduction 2017

The Student Union of Borås arranges this year’s fall introduction! Are you a new student? If so you are welcome to participate. You can find the schedule for the two weeks under Introduction.

Become a member of the student union

A membership in the Student Union of Borås gives you a better and more secure student life. If you have problems the union will help you. The union also gives you an opportinuty to get involved in the organization giving you valuable experience that lasts a lifetime. Read more about a membership.

Out with the old, In with the new

As the office went on their vacation our beloved website got hacked. The result is that the site is dead and buried. We now have a new temporary site, this one, while our real site is being developed. If you have any questions, want to get a hold of our bylaws, documents, protocols etc. reach out and we will help you!