Congratulations to you who are going to start studying at the University of Borås! The Student Union in Borås warmly welcomes you to Borås, which has previously been awarded the title “Student City of the Year 2020” by the Swedish National Union of Students.

But what is the Student Union in Borås?

We are an organization that, with the help of dedicated people, represents students inside our university and in our local trade and industry world. Our ongoing work ensures the quality of your education and we actively work on making your time as a student as rewarding as possible.

Our door is always open for our members, whether you just want some company, have questions about your membership, or need support and advice.

As a member, you can even enjoy attractive discounts and exciting events organized by us and our partners.

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Studentkårens värdeord och logga
Bild av en introduktions aktivitet


As a new student, you have an interesting time ahead of you with some extra-exciting weeks in the beginning of September to look forward to.

To introduce you to your new stage of life and make the entry into your studies as fun, informative, and smooth as possible, we start the semester with a two-week-long introduction period. During those introduction days, you will have the opportunity to get acquainted with everything important that there is to know within your campus life and the university, meet your new classmates and experience our wonderful city Borås.