Spring introduction

The introduction is a chance for you to get to know your classmates, other students, the university area and the city as best as possible. Through competitions, sessions, games and parties you will see everything that Borås has to offer and all new students are welcome! To participate in the introduction, you get a bracelet from your student buddies on your first day, the bracelet serves as a ticket for the introduction. On some activities there is an age limit of 18 years, especially when we visit pubs and night clubs in Borås – so do not forget your ID!

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Monday 21st of January

Welcome to the University and your first day of student life

10:00-15:00, Sandgärdet

During the day, you will meet your student buddies, attend presentations, a guided tour around campus and get a lot of useful information for your studies. We will meet in “Vardagsrummet” in the building called “Sandgärdet” at 10 am (Library building). You can find this on the map (building J). This is also where you will get your introduction bracelet that you are going to need to participate in the activities during the week!


Music Quiz

16:15-18:30, The Kårner

We will kick start the introduction with a Music Quiz at the Student Union’s own student pub. So let your inner song bird fly, and come on down to The Kårner! Do not forget your ID, the bar offers a mixed range of both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Remember to bring your ID, since the age limit is 18 years.


Beer Pong Tournament

18:30-late, The Kårner

The evening continues at The Kårner with a classic Beer Pong Tournament. Pick a partner, challenge the other students in how to throw a ball into a cup and make sure you are on time – you do not want to miss this activity! Remember to bring your ID, since the age limit is 18 years.


Tuesday 22nd of January

Ticket sale for the introduction seating

11:00-13:00, Vardagsrummet

ESN Borås and SVINA will be in “Vardagsrummet” to sell tickets for Thurday’s introduction seating! For more information regarding the seating check the schedule for Thursday or the Facebook event.


Så Funkar det: Tentamen (Held in Swedish)

12:15-12:50, Sparbankssalen (M2)

Är du osäker på hur en tentamen går till? Vad är det för förberedelser som ska göras, hur går det till på plats och vad händer efteråt? Alla dessa frågor och en hel del till kommer du att få svar på! Studentkåren erbjuder alla nya studenter att komma och lyssna på när vi förklarar hur det går till före, under och efter en tenta. Det går utmärkt att äta under föreläsningen. Tiderna är även anpassade för att du som student ska hinna ordna din mat innan föreläsningen och sen hinna vidare till eftermiddagens föreläsningar. Det kommer erbjudas matigare fika och kaffe på plats!

Sections’ Day

16:15-18:30, The Lazy Student

We meet by ”The Lazy Student” (outside of “Sandgärdet”) and now it is time for you to meet your section! Our three sections Novitas, Scientias and Humanitas organise activities for all new students. Do not hesitate to ask any of your student buddies if you are unsure of which section you belong to. 


Bowling at Katrinedals’ Bowling Hall

19:00-21:00, The Lazy Student

After an afternoon full of activities, the second day of the introduction ends at Katrinedals’ Bowling Hall. Tie your shoes and stretch your fingers, it is time for a bowling tournament! We meet by ”The Lazy Student” (outside of “Sandgärdet”) to walk together to the bowling hall.


Wednesday 23rd of January

Hangout in Vardagsrummet

11:30-13:30, Vardagsrummet

Take a breather and hangout in “Vardagsrummet” with the Student Health Care and Klubb Klemming! The Student Health Care explains what their purpose at the university is and Klubb Klemming offers typical Swedish kladdkaka (mud cake)! 


How it works: Examination (Held in English)

12:15-12:50, Sparbankssalen (M2)

Are you not sure how a written exam is done at the University of Borås? Which preparations that need to be done, how it works when you arrive to the exam, and what happens afterwards? You will get the answer to all of these questions, and more. The Student Union invites all of the new international students to listen to us explaining how it works before, during and after a written exam. You can bring your own lunch! There will be some fika, sandwiches and coffee during the event.


After School 

16:00-19:00, The Kårner

A perfect opportunity for you to get to know your new friends. There will be a bunch of fun appearances, mingles, ping pong and board games of all kind. See you there! Remember to bring your ID, since the age limit is 18 years.

Pub night

19:00-late, Cheers

After a few hours on The Kårner we continue on towards the local pub Cheers. During the evening the new students and the student buddies can play pool, dart and shuffleboard for free. Take the moment to challenge some of your new friends!


Thursday 24th of January

Food Rescue Fika

12:00-13:00, Vardagsrummet

In the depths of winter, Hållbar Student wants to push your vitamin level by offering you a fika of a special kind. In cooperation with supermarkets around Borås, they were on the rescue hunt for rejected and yet tasty fruits. Come by and grab a smoothie or a fair trade coffee. Own-mug-bringers will be rewarded with honour!


Introduction Seating

18:30-22:00, The Kårner

It is time for your first seating in Sweden! The seating consists of food, singing, performances and generous festivities in student spirit. You do not want to miss this! It is held at The Kårner by the student associations ESN Borås and SVINA. Tickets are for sale in “Vardagsrummet” between 11:00 and 13:00 on Tuesday (22/1). More information about the seating can be found in the Facebook eventRemember to bring your ID, this is your proof of ticket to the seating.



Club Broke (Klubb Pank)

22:00-02:00, XoY Borås

After a fantastic seating with great food and delightful performances, XoY opens up to all of the new students with their classic concept, Club Broke (Klubb Pank)! This means the entry is free with your introduction bracelet and there is 50 % discount in the bar until midnight! Remember to bring your ID, since the age limit is 18 years.

Friday 25th of January

Theme Party 

20:00-02:00, The Kårner

The Kårner invites you to a theme party at the end of the introduction week. During the evening, we will appoint the student buddy of the year and finish the introduction in a usual spectacular way! More information can be found in the Facebook eventRemember to bring your ID, since the age limit is 18 years.


Saturday 26th of January


22:00-02:30, IVY Nightclub

For those who feel that they have not had enough of the introduction, an extra night is offered at IVY Nightclub in Borås. Your introduction bracelet grants you free entrance for the night. Get excited for the final party before lectures start again! Remember to bring your ID!