The Student Union consists of three sections that mirrors the University of Borås’ Faculties. As a member of the Student Union you get placed in one of these sections. Novitas is the section for textiles, engineering and business. Humanitas is the section for caring science, work life and social welfare. Scientias is the section for librarianship, information, education and IT.


Our sections Novitas, Humanitas and Scientias work with three main areas.


  • Student social activities
  • Labour market and business
  • Student influence and education monitoring
Sections purpose

Student social activities include everything from seatings to travel and book clubs. All so that students can meet, make new friendships and garnish their study time with memorable times. The sections work partly within their own faculty and arrange targeted events, e.g. study trips while also organising activities across section boundaries.


Working with the labour market and business life involves that the sections work to bring students in touch with their future industries. It can be inspiring lectures that prepare students for working life, study visits or collaborations and sponsorship.


In order to present a student perspective at all levels within the university, the sections monitor students’ interests at three of the university’s faculties. The section’s board members meet regularly with the heads of the faculty and heads of the individual institutions to discuss various topics that affect students. The sections also work with the study environment at each academy so that all students have the best possible conditions to complete their studies.


This work is governed by the section’s board, which consists of a president, vice president and a number of board members.

If you want to know more about what sections do and how they work feel free to contact us at the student union or the section boards directly.


Novitas is the Student Union’s red section. Here you will find engineers, economic students and textile students. You can find the section board in the sections room in Textile Fashion Center. Get in touch with the section, if you want to know more about Novitas and its work.

President: Caroline Säll
Section room: T402
Facebook: Novitas


Humanitas is the Student Union’s blue section. Here you will find nursing students and social welfare students. You can find the section board in their section room in E6 in the Balder building. Get in touch with the section, if you want to know more about the Humanitas and its work.

President: Kajsa Haag
Section room: E630
Facebook: Humanitas


Scientias is the Student Union’s yellow section. Here you will find teaching students, librarians and information specialists. You can find the section board and the section’s room in C5 in the Balder building. Get in touch with the section, if you want to know more about Scientias’ work.

President: Natascha Dybeck
Section room: C517
Facebook: Scientias