Our Student Union

The Student Union of Borås is a member organization that aims to represent the students of the University of Borås.

The Organization

The Student Union consists of three sections that mirrors the University of Borås faculties. These are: Novitas, the section for textiles, engineering and business, Humanitas, the section for caring science, work life and social welfare, and Scientias, the section for librarianship, information, education and IT. The sections primarily work with study social activites directed towards members of the student union, and the sections members.

Our Purpose

On a central level the student union works with ensuring your interests as a student. We actively work with ensuring the quality of your education and your student time at campus. We do this through having student representatives in the university’s different councils and committees. Ensuring the quality of your education is one of our core functions as a student union.

The student unions member organization is founded on three words. Including, that you as a student feel included in the student unions organization and work and feel that you are a part of us. Safety, that you as a student is safe in your student life, whether it regards your education or personal life, we work to ensure that you feel safe in your everyday life. Possibilities, that you as a student is offered opportunities to grow as a person, a student or as a career person. We want to give you a chance to develop yourself.