For Student Buddies

The Introduction is getting closer and as we do every year we are now looking for student buddies to welcome and give our new students a great start on their student lives! Being a student buddy means you play a great part in shaping a student’s first experiences of our university and campus. As such you will be a big part of their student life and most likely always be remembered as their student buddy. Being a student buddy is a great chance to meet more people, both new student and current ones. The introduction are three weeks characterized by meetings, friendships and fun activities. Take the chance and be a student buddy!

The Introduction Fall 2018

The introduction project is as usual run by a project group (PrG). PrG consists of the project manager Joakim Byvik, the activity coordinator Olivia Friberg and the resource manager Linnéa Liljegren. We will have twelve student buddy groups with 12 student buddy managers, one for each group. And lastly we will have 11 point generals with 1 manager. The dates for this introduction are:

  • Prepp week: 27 – 31 of August.
  • The Introduction: 3 – 14 of September.

The Student buddy responsebility

To be a student buddy means that you alongside your fellow student buddies welcome and introduce the new students (NYS). It means that you are supposed to create a safe space for the NYS where the NYS can get support in questions such as its education, the student life of campus and whatever else the NYS wonders about. It also means you aim to create an inviting atmosphere before, during and after the introduction activates so that the NYS always feels like it has a place in our student life and that that place is next to you. The third part is to create an environment where the new students can meet and get to know each other, both within their own program but also other programs and sections.

The responsibility is hard to make concrete as what is a good level for each NYS will wary. As a student buddy you need to pay attention to each individual and adapt how you create a feeling of safety and inclusion depending on the NYS.


To prepare you for your role as a student buddy you will take part in the student buddy education where you will receive information on the introduction project and all o fits functions and purposes, how to handle conflicts, how to relate to alcohol, and get tools to create good environments for the NYS. The education will be held on two occasions, where one will be held on Swedish, with one pick up occasion in august. You will have to participate on one of these occasions.

More information about the education will presented later on.


The Introduction has two different documents that regulate the project and the student buddies. You can find them here:

  • Guidelines for student buddies: Fall Itroduction
  • Guidelines for student buddies: Spring Introduction
  • Guidelines for the introduction (IN SWEDISH)
  • Anmälan

    You can sign up to be a student buddy via this form. The signup will be open from the 7th of March untill the 28th of March. When the signup closes an email will be sent out with information on, and a sign up to the student buddy education. If you have any questions dont hesitate to get in touch with the project leader via

    Apply to be a Student Buddy