Here you can find the schedule for the spring introduciton of 2018. You can also find the introduction on Facebook where we will post updates and sporadic fun posts.

Monday 15 January

Welcome Ceremony of New Students

10:00 – Vestindien (Textile Fashion Center)

The University of Borås’s Vice-chancellor alongside the Student Union of Borås welcomes you to the university in Vestindien, inside of Textile Fashion Center. As you enter the auditorium you will also get your introduction bracelet. The bracelet lets you participate in the rest of the introduction. Don’t cut this bracelet of until the end of the introduction!

Campus Tour

11:00 – The University’s campus

Together with your student buddies you will be guided around campus where you will visit everything and meet everyone of importance for your student time in Borås. All you have to do is follow the rope.

Student pub and music quiz

16:00 – The Kårner

Gather your new classmates and come to our studentpub The Kårner. We will have games and host a music quiz.

Tuesday 16 Januar

Seating Tickets on sale

12:00-13:00 – Outside the library

Eat a proper breakfast because during the lunch you can come and buy a ticket to the Friday’s seating. Make sure you get here on time as they tend to sell out fast.

Students on ice

16:30 – The Lazy Student

Is there a better way to break the ice than ice skating together? We will meet by The Lazy Student and walk together to the city park. You can borrow skates and helmets in the park.


20:00 – Cheers

After a few hours on the ice we will find the heat at a local pub called Cheers. Get something to drink, challenge a student buddy at pool or just hang and warm up after an icy adventure!

Wednesday 13 January

How it works: Examination

12:10-12:50 – M204

To prepare you for examinations we will have a presentation on how written examinations in Borås are done, in M204.

Seating Tickets on sale

15:00-16:00 – Outside the library

If there are any tickets left for the seating we will sell them here. Information on whether there are tickets left or not will come after Tuesday’s sales.

Section Activity

16:30 – The Lazy Student

Meet the Student Unions three sections: Novitas, Humanitas & Scientias.

Cinema at Saga Teatern

20:00 – Saga Teatern

Enjoy a free movie showing at Saga Teatern.

Thursday 18 January

Så funkar det: tentamen

12:10-12:50 – M204

This presentation will be held in swedish! För att du ska känna dig så förberedd som möjligt inför din första tentamen anordnar vi en presentation i hur en tentamen vid högskolan går till i M204.


16:30-22:00 – The Lazy Student

We will meet at The Lazy Student and then visit all the best pubs Borås has to offer. Some bars will have a student discount if you show your introduction bracelet. Eat some food and find your favourite bar in Borås!

Klubb Pank – XoY

22:00-02:00 – XoY

We will end the pubcrawl with Klubb Pank on XoY for the one who wants to step on to the dance floor or just doesn’t want to go home just yet!

Fredag 19 januari


18:00-ca.21:00 – Röda Matsalen

Round of the introduction with the most student-esque there is, after noodles and exams, with a seating! A seating is an old student tradition in Sweden where you sit and have a multi-course dinner alongside entertainment and songs! Tickets will be sold during the Tuesday and if necessary, Wednesday as well.

Klubb Kårner

20:00 – The Kårner

The introduction will finish with Klubb Kårner. If you didn’t get a seating ticket the final party will start at 20:00.

Final Ceremony

21:30 – The Kårner

The introduction will officially finish at 22:00 at The Kårner. Be there at 21:30 so you don’t miss it!