The introduction applies to you who are admitted to an education given at Campus Borås. Are you going to study via Campus Varberg or Skövde? See more information at your local student association West Varberg or the Student Union in Skövde.

This is a preliminary schedule that will be updated, so keep an eye on the schedule for any changes and additions! If you have any questions, get in touch with your sponsors.

Remember to check to see your schedule for your courses and your program.

We at the Student Union in Borås offer non-obligatory events so that you have the opportunity to get to know as many student friends as possible – both among the other new students, but also the sponsors. See our schedule below for all the fun things you can start your semester with!

Monday 17th of January

Welcoming to the first day of the semester

Class room presentation  – DIGITAL VIDEO – watch on your own

Link to the video 

During this scheduled event you will be provided with all important information about how the life of a university student works. On this spot in the schedule we will publish a video that will be your guide to the student life.

Below you can also find Facebook Groups dedicated to your education. This group will be your go-to for the rest of your time at our university. During the event you will learn everything important about planning events for your class, helping each other with schoolwork or about how to raise opinions or concerns about your education to the program council who can bring those up at program meetings. Joining this group is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. During these difficult Covid-19 times these Facebook group is an even greater opportunity to meet your class mates and build up a support network around you. Don’t hesitate to use it! 

Facebook group for all Exchange students at the University of Borås Spring 2022:

Useful links: 

Exampels on Educational Support Functions (English subtitles): 

⦁ KronoX:

⦁ Canvas


⦁ Ladokportalen:

⦁ Papercut:

⦁ The student mail:

⦁ University of Borås:

⦁ Course and programme portal:

⦁ Selfservice portal:

⦁ step-by-step- guide for students with t-number

Below are the other Facebook groups, only for those who study the right program. Check your program code!

Welcoming to the first day of the semester

Tour of the university campus – DIGITAL VIDEO – watch on your own

Link to the video 

During this digital tour you will furthermore get to see the different buildings, where to warm your food, how to get to the student center, where you can buy your books and much more!

Link to digital tour on the student union’s Facebook page!

A warm welcome from the Pro Vice-Chancellor of University of Borås

Tuesday 18th of January

Registration for the introduction seating Opens

15:00 in the app Orbi!! 

You are all welcome this Friday to the first seating of the year, Humanitas and 7k-skrivens introduction seating! 
Make sure to claim your spot this Tuesday at 15:00 in the Orbi app!.


Board Game night – Signup via Orbi

17:00-22:00 The Kårner and The Pentry B349

Welcome to a game night with the Board Games Army! The Board Games Army is one of the student associations at Borås University. During the evening there will be board games, card games and socializing. Given current recommendations, pre-registration will be required, which you will fix via orbi. See you outside The Kårner at 17:00. Welcome!


Bowling – Signup via Orbi

19:00-21:00, Katrinedals bowlinghall – Katrinehillsgatan 3, 504 52 Borås

This evening we hang out at Katrinedals Bowling.

Welcome all new students to try out your bowling skills, play some games on the shuffleboard or hang out with your new classmates and fellow students. There will also be opportunities to buy snacks or drinks for those who are craving something good. Admission is free, what is still needed is a pre-registration in the app Orbi.

We follow Katrinedals Bowling’s rules which is: There will only be seated parties with 1 meter between the parties (8 / party)

Pre-registration required! – Limited number of spots

Registration is made on the Orbi app and opens on Monday 17/1 at 14:00-18: 00, so be ready to claim a spot!

Come and play some bowling or shuffleboard at Katrinedals Bowling in Borås

Wednesday 19th of January

That´s how it works: Examination!

12:10-13:00, zoom


At 12:10 Alice form the student union will go through how different kinds of examinations work, how you best prepare and what you should think about during the day itself. We will see you all at zoom Wednesday 19/1!

The presentation will be held twice, on the 18th in Swedish and on the 19th in English.

Zoom link for both days:

No signup required!

Pentathlon / team competition – CANCELLED

This event has been cancelled to to the pandemic.

Filmvisning: Annette  – Signup via Orbi

18:00-20:20, Borås Bio Röda Kvarn

Adress: Västerbrogatan 13, 503 30 Borås 

Why not join us for a cosy evening where we visit this free movie screening? From 18:00-20:20 the movie ”Annette” will be shown. The film’s story and music was written by Ron Mael and Russell Mael of Sparks, with lyrics co-written by Carax. It is a rock opera that follows a stand-up comedian (Adam Driver) and his opera singer wife (Marion Cotillard) and how their lives are changed when they have their first child.

Bring some snacks and some of your new found friends and accompany us during this movie screening.

A vaccination pass required. This is an alcohol free event.

Pre-registration required! – Limited number of spots

Sign up through the app Orbi from Tuesday 18/1  from 12:00-18:00, so be ready to claim a spot!

1. companies must be able to keep a distance of at least 1 meter sideways and forwards and backwards from other companies, and

2. the number of participants in one and the same company amounts to a maximum of 8 people.

If a party amounts to more than 8 participants, the party will be divided into a maximum of 8 participants per group.

Thursday 20th of January

Stay updated..


Engagement evening

14:00-16:00, zoom

Why do you guys wear overalls, and why do not others have them? What does it mean to be part of a section or an association? All this we hope will be clear after this zoom meeting with the campus associations, us from the student union and our sections. How you as a student can get involved and find the right circles that suit you is exactly what this is about. We all gather in the zoom room to present our organisations and what we do, and so that you just have time to get your questions answered!

No signup required!

If you are interested to read more before the event:

To read more about our sections click here

To read more about the campus association groups click here

Friday 21st of January

Seating – Theme: Music Festival!

Theme evening – “Sorry, I showed up to the wrong place”- CANCELLED

Welcome to the first seating of the year, Humanitas and 7k-skrivens introduction seating! 

We’re inviting you to an evening with good company, food and amazing gyckel. A gyckel is a small performance where you can sing a song, do a dance or something else. The theme for the evening is “music festival” so put on your favorite festival outfit and join us! The seating will be held until around 22.00. Afterwards it’s time to go home! 

When: 21/1 19.00 

Where: “The green dinner” in the Balder-house, entrance floor 

Price: 200kr. The price includes a two-course dinner (main course and dessert) 

The tickets will be sold on the 18/1 15:00 using an app called “Orbi”. NOTE! To be able to purchase a ticket you need to present a valid certificate of vaccination at the seating! A refund is not possible if you can´t present the certificate of vaccination at the seating. Bring your own drinks! If you bring any alcohol, remember to drink with moderation. We recommend not to bring strong spirits. 

NOTE! Due to the pandemic we will limit the number of seats so make sure to buy your ticket in time! If you have any questions, just ask any of your student buddies!