The introduction 2021 will be mostly digital. Find your programme in the list below and use the link. (The links will be posted the week before the start of the semester.) The introduction applies to you who are admitted to an education given at Campus Borås. Are you going to study via Campus Varberg? See more information at your local student association West Varberg.

All introduction activities are voluntary to participate in. They are organized by the Student Union in Borås and gives you an opportunity to get to know your new classmates. You chose what activities you want to partake in. This year both digital and physical events are available to ensure you have a fun and safe start to your studies. 

Keep an eye out for any changes or additions in the schedule! If you have any questions, ask your student buddies.

Friday 27th of August

Zoom Drop-in-Lounge

13:00- 15:00, Zoom

Are you unsure how Zoom works? The student union invites you to a drop-in-lounge in Zoom between 13:00-15:00 where you can try how the program works, connect into the Zoom room or ask questions about the school, the student life or just about Borås in general. 

Monday 30th of August

Welcoming to the first day of the semester

The first half of the day will be digital where you tune in to your classroom presentation for all necessary information. 

Class room presentation and tour of the university campus

9:30-11:30, Zoom 

During this scheduled event your Student Buddies will provide you with all important information about how the life of a university student works. This Zoom meeting will even give you the chance to see who your new classmates are. 

The Student Buddies will also create a Facebook group for your class. This group will be your go-to for the rest of your time at our university. During the event you will learn everything important about planning events for your class, helping each other with schoolwork or about how to raise opinions or concerns about your education to the program council who can bring those up at programme meetings. Joining this event and meeting your classmates is a great opportunity that you shouldn’t miss. During these difficult Covid-19 times this group is an even greater opportunity to meet your class mates and build up a support network around you. Don’t hesitate to use it! 

If you miss getting invited or need help joining your group, contact your classmates, your Student Buddies, or us from the student union for help!

During these class room presentations over zoom, you will furthermore get to see the different buildings, where to warm your food, how to get to the student center, where you can buy your books and much more!

Link to digital tour on studentkårens Facebook!


Time for some fresh air and food or why not even gather your new class mates on Zoom and enjoy your lunch together!  

Kick-Off Stream
13:00-14:00, Facebook stream

At the Kick-off introduction stream we will start up your introduction at the University of Borås with a bang! Join the stream on Facebook and listen to us presenting the events for the two upcoming weeks. If you have any questions this is the time to ask away!

Kick-Off Hang Out
14:00-20:00, the Academic Square, and the courtyard by Textile Fashion Center

Interested in meeting your new class in person? The campus areas around the university offer the perfect location for you to gather up and meet everyone in person. 

Tuesday 31st of August

Park Meet-Up // Activites with your Student Buddy

16:30-22:00, Stadsparken, and the courtyard by Textile Fashion Center OR via Zoom

Prepare for a fun evening where your Student Buddy will lead your gang to a small get together in one of Borås’ many parks. You can ask your Student Buddy about the specific location you will meet at. We have also prepared a digital event in case you can’t attend in person. Here you can meet those that stayed home in a digital way.

Wednesday 1st of September

Colour Run

17:00-20:00, Kypesjön Facebook-event

Wear your least favourite or most worn clothes and join us for a run around the beautiful lake Kypesjön. The Color Run is a colorful competition where the runners get bombarded by clouds of paint while running! Our Student Buddies and SVINA’s members will be there to cheer you on. SVINA is one of our many campus association groups and have organized this wonderful event for you.


More information about how you can sign up will be announced here: 

Colours being thrown at colour run

Thursday 2nd of September

Association Group Square

17:00-20:00, Academic square / in front of Sandgärdet and TFC

Want to be active within the student life while you are here? Come and meet our student associations who are a happy bunch of people with all kinds of interests at the Association Group Square. Walk around the different stations that are prepared by the association groups and have a chat with them! Make sure to not miss out on this fun event since fun games and a small competition with a nice price for the winner(s) is waiting for you. Gather a group of friends, or meet some new ones on the association group square.


Selling of seating tickets

18:00-20:00, Academic square / in front of Sandgärdet and TFC

OBS! There is a limited ammount of tickets, so it is first to the lot that counts! Only new students!

The seatings are during friday the 10th of September. Scroll down to find the events!


This is where each association group will be:

Map of where the associations will be during the association group square

Friday 3rd of September

Digital Beer Taste Testing

18:30-20:00, Facebook Live

During the Digital Beer Taste Testing event we will be trying 7 different beers of several brands. Even 3 alcohol free beers will be tested. The evening is hosted by a lot of pleasant personalities of Borås’ student life. Some of them are coming from all of the university’s association groups.

The link to stream will be here.

The beers that will be tasted

The beers that will be tasted
The beers that will be tasted, part 2

Saturday 4th of September

Digital Second Hand Tour

12:00 onwards, Instagram Stories

Join the committee Hållbar Student on Instagram where they will present Borås’ best second hand shops and their product assortments. Second hand shopping can be a great and sustainable way to satisfy all your shopping needs, so tune in to see what’s in store just for you!

Lusanda at second hand store

Week 2 of the introduction

50% at Borås Djurpark!

Now there is a promocode that you all can use during these upcoming weeks! To explore the ZOO Borås Djurpark is jumping from the dino park, to petting farm animals at the petting zoo, and in the next minute walking into the jungle kingdom where monkeys lurk and tigers are sleeping. Galloping zebras, swimming seals, big playgrounds, and waffles with ice cream. What are you waiting for?

At Borås Djurparks webbshop you fill in the code: STUDENT

It gives you 50 % off when buying a day ticket (dagsbiljett) during workdays week 36 & 37. All tickets needs to be purchased via the webbshop.

Monday 6th of September

How it works: Examination in ENGLISH

12:10-12:50, Zoom

Are you unsure about how exams work in Sweden? What to prepare beforehand, what are the different ways of writing the exam and what happens afterwards? All these questions and a lot more will get answered during this presentation! The student union recommends all new students to come and listen to this presentation to find out about the specificities of exams in Sweden.

This lecture will be held on Zoom and a maximum of 200 people can attend. If you did not get a place and want the information don’t hesitate to contact the student union.

Join the presentation by clicking here.

Nerd Night

18:00-20:00, Zoom

Join the board game players in the student association Spelföreningen and the computer gamers in the student association Looking for Brew for an EPIC evening where you compete in teams through our Gameshow! See who knows the most about books, comics, movies, games and anime in our nerdy pentathlon! We will run questions and games about everything from Harry Potter, World of Warcraft and even Donald Duck! The event is digital via Zoom and is held in English. Do not worry about finding a team, we will fix one for you!

Tuesday 7th of September

Quiz Evening – by Skön Underhållning

18:00-20:00, YouTube

Quizmaster Andreas Skön from Skön Underhållning leads the quiz and offers tricky questions, live music, fun happenings and lots of great entertainment.

Link to YouTube stream:

Link to form:

Wednesday 8th of September

Park Meet-Up
16:30-19:30, Stadsparken, the courtyard by Textile Fashion Center

Prepare for another evening full of fun! Join your Student Buddies for more great and enjoyable times at one of the many locations in Borås.

Updated schedule!!!!!


 Citypark of Borås stadsparken (next to Södra Torget)

Think about keeping distance, and walk with a friend or two to another spot if it gets too crowded!!! 

Thursday 9th of September

17:30-late,Facebook stream

As a student, there are a lot of cool and delicious things you can cook. Meal prepping is the student’s favorite dish and just this evening, Otyg will host a livestream for you where they show you how to cook student-friendly food. Move your laptop to your kitchen to be prepared to follow the instructions and learn about cooking from some of our friends in student life! You can also invite some classmates to a little taste test of your cooking skills, cook together or run it solo to enoy some great dinner. Towards the end of the digital cooking night, a small test panel will rate the dish.



Japanese minced meat fry up

You need:
About 500 g Beef / pork / minced meat according to preference
1 Head of point cabbage (spetskål)
1 One red and one green bell pepper
3 Carrots
1 Yellow onion
3 Cloves of garlic
Rice, or bulgur, or wheat berry
1/2 dl Japanese soy sauce (mushroom soy sauce)
1 dl Sweet chili sauce

Change ingredients however you like, eg. vegetarian mince instead. Check out the stream or introduction pamphlet for the full recipe

Friday 10th of September

The Night of Seatings

We end the awesome introduction time with some fun seatings! A seating is a classic Swedish event and works kind of like a combination of masquerade, fine dining and partying. Each seating has a theme you are expected to dress up for, then you have dinner together while toastmasters lead you through the evening and have you sing fun songs. Participants can also hold a “gyckel.” “Gyckel” refers, simply put, to a small performance that every participant that feels the itch to show their perfomance skills or present a fun joke, can present! Each seating needs to be registered for beforehand, so be sure to register for a ticket to get a place and yummy food. The seatings are only for new students and there are limited places so it is first come, first served !!

Tickets will be sold during association group square, on Thursday the 2nd of September!

Hollywood seating

The red carpet has been rolled out and the paparazzi are ready! What celebrity are you? Actor, artist, character or director? Come as you want and get ready for an evening full of gold and luxury! 

The seating will be held in swedish.

Vacation seating

The vacation seating is when the semester comes to you. After the quarantine we can now finally travel to the vacation seating. Let’s meet at this after ski, playa, pool party, and camping seating.

The seating will be held in swedish.

Black and White seating

This seating might not be as colourful in contrast to the other seatings, but at least as much fun. The theme is black and white, but the evening will be anything but bland. With fancy clothes and great table buddies you will remember the night for a long time.

The seating will be in english, if wished for.

Pjyama Party seating

This cozy seating is arranged by ESN Borås – the best association group for international students and travelers. Come as you are, with your coziest pjyamas for this seating. The guides/toast masters will help all of you who have never been to a seating before. This is a “cheap-seating”, read more about it on the event page!

The seating will be held in ENGLISH.

Gameshow seating

This cozy seating is arranged by LFB – Looking For Brew. Are you ready for the quizzes and challenges that this game association group have prepared for you? Will your team win this seating? This is a “cheap-seating”, read more about it on the event page!


The seating will be held in SWEDISH.

Want to see more of Borås? 

2 for 1 offer at NAVET 

During the weekends of week  36 and 37 NAVET Science Center  has a 2 for 1 offer. 

“Navet Science NAVET is a place filled with experiments, experiences and challenges in an exciting enviroment. For you who is curious and want to try out how things work and work together, Navet has a whole world to explore. Navet is a so called science center, where you discover how technology, nature and math works together. Our experiments will awake your creativity and joy of exploration, with for example water, light, the universe and sustainable growth. Navet is here for explorers of all ages..”

Bring a classmate or two and go to NAVET!

Don’t forget to download the Mecenat card app beforehand to identify that you are a student!

Navet is open weekends from 11-16 o’clock.