The Introduction is a way for you to meet your classmates, other students, Studentkåren i Borås, the university and the campus and Borås. Through seatings, games, and parties you will experience everything that a student life in Borås has to offer, and as a new student you will always be welcome. The Introduction is also a way to prepare for your studies, through lunch-lectures, meet and greets and campus tour where you will meet all of the student centered functions.

Fall Introduction of 2019

This years Fall Introdution will take place between the 2nd and the 13th of September where we welcome The University of Borås’ new students. It will be two eventful weeks where you as a new students get to meet the student union, the university, our student life and our city.

The first day

On the first day of the semester you will get to meet the Vice chancelor, go on a campus tour and get to meet, see and explore most of the university, so that you are prepared for your studies. Eat a good breakfast and prepare for a very intense first day with a lot of new meetings and information. If you are an international student and study a programme here at the university, you can choose whether to join the international first day at or join your programmes first day. Note that the program first-day will be held in Swedish. Only the international start will be held in English.

The student buddy

During the Introduction you will meet your student buddy. They wear a yellow, red, or blue T-shirt depending on which section the student buddy belongs to. The student buddy is a current student at the university who have taken on the responsibility to introduce you to everything new and to help you find your place in Borås. If you have questions or thoughts about your time as a student here, ask your student buddy! Their job is to create a stable and safe place for you as a new student, and to support you during the start of your student life.

The Introduction Bracelet

During your first day you will get an introduction bracelet from Studentkåren i Borås and the proejct group for the introduction. This bracelet will be our way of identifying you as a new student. The bracelet will be your ticket to all of the activities during the Introduction, so don’t remove it until the Introduction is over! If you need to remove the bracelet because of work or similar things you can tell us in the Student Union’s reception before you take it off, and they will sort you out with a new one. If you remove it, lose it or anything similar without telling us, you can buy a new bracelet in the Student Union’s reception for 20 SEK.

The sections and Colors

The Student Union of Borås consists of three different sections. Novitas (red) which is our section for Textile, Engineering and Business students. Humanitas (blue) which is our section for Caring Science, Work Life and Social Welfare. And Scientias (yellow) which is our section for Librarianship, Information, Education and IT. During the introduction you will be sorted into the section which corresponds to your program and if you want to stay within the section after the introduction, you need to become a member of Studentkåren i Borås. You will know which section the student buddy belongs to by the color of the shirt. You will get to meet your section on the second day of the introduction. If you want to know more about our sections you can read about them on our section page.

Novitas LogoHumanitas LogoScientias Logo

Association clubs

At the University of Borås we have a couple of different association clubs. There are two main types of association clubs. Interest based clubs whose members come together through a specific purpose, e.g. Looking for Brew who play digital games. The second type are the social clubs, who come together to spend time with each other, do different social activities and throw the bigger parties together. The club members of Borås usually wear overalls of different colors, where each club has their color, usually decorated with different badges and patches. If your student buddy is wearing and overall they are a member of a club, so take the chance to ask which club and what they do! You will be able to meet our association club on the 13th of September when we arrange an Association club conference.

We are behind the Introduction

The Project group: Åsa Gran, Filip Alburg och Tobias Minin

All of our Student buddies, student buddy managers, and point generals. Without these voluntary forces and amazing people we wouldn’t be able to have an Introduction.

Our sections: Novitas, Humanitas, Scientias

The Association Clubs:


Project manager:

The student unions reception: Open 11 – 13 on workdays
033-425 48 01

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