The introduction is a chance for you to get to know your classmates, other student, the university and camps, as well as Borås. Through competitions, seatings, games and parties you will see everything a studentlife in Borås has to offer. All of the universities new students are welcome, whether you are starting a program are an exchangestudent. To be able to participate in the introduction you need to wear the introduction bracelet which you get from your student buddies on your first day. The bracelet works as your ticket to get in to all of the activities. If you won’t participate in the first day of the introduction you can come by the student unions office and collect a bracelet there.

Fall Introduction 2018

This year’s fall introduction will take place between the 3rd and the 14th of September where we will welcome all of our universities new students! The introduction is two weeks filled with fun activities where you will meet our student union, the university, our student life, and our city. The schedule can be found via the menu above. It will be published at the start of June.

The Student Buddy

During the introduction you will meet your student buddies. These will be wearing a yellow, red, or blue t-shirt depending on which section the student buddy belongs to. The student buddy is a current student at the university whom have taken on the responsibility to introduce you to everything new and help you find your place and get comfortable in Borås. If you have any questions or thoughts about your time as a student ask your student buddy. The student buddies job is to provide you a safety and be a safe place for you as a new students. They are there to support you at the start of your student life.