The Campus Associations Groups at Högskolan i Borås

Sexmästeriet i Borås is one of our most traditional associations. Sexmästeriet works hard to organize, plan and participate in events both in and outside Borås.

Sexmästeriet i Borås’ Facebook

7k-skriven is an event association for all students in the Humanitas section. The 7k-skriven also has many open activities such as parties, ski trips and seatings.

7k-skriven’s Facebook

Looking for Brew is an event association for those who are interested in online games. Looking for Brew organizes everything from game nights and tournaments to parties. You can usually find Looking for Brew on their Discord where they hang out and play.

Looking for Brew’s Facebook

SVINA is an event association that is ‘a little better than everyone else’. SVINA arranges various parties and seatings. Ski trips and parties outside Borås are not entirely uncommon for SVINA!

SVINA’s Facebook

Klubb Klemming is a study social association that loves to have coffee and hang out together. Klemming is one of the older associations that was founded by library students, but is now open to everyone!

Klubb Klemming’s Facebook

Spelföreningen is a study social association with an interest in board games. Once a week, the association meets to play cards, board or role-playing games together. Of course there is coffee and tea!

Spelföreningen’s Facebook Group

Otyg is an event association that will give you a warm welcome! Between parties and seatings, they like to cuddle, do crafts and watch movies. What would life be without a pile of hugs!

Otyg’s Facebook

Erasmus Student Network is a study social association that focuses on integrating international and national students by arranging social events. With them you get friends all over the world.

ESN Borås’ Facebook


Borås Ingenjörer is a study social association that focuses on creating networks between students and the local trade and industry world.

Borås Ingenjörer’s Facebook