Become a Member

The fee for a membership is 150 SEK for a semester or 200 SEK for an entire academic year.

Through a membership in the Student Union you actively support the educational coverage that the student unions does at the University of Borås. Work that aims to guarantee you the best possible education you can get. You also support the political work that is done on both regional and national level where the Student Union actively pushes for a better life for all students.

On an individual level you receive support from the Student Union in questions related to your student time at the university. Whether its questions related to your education or your study social life in Borås. As a member you also get to take part in varying membership benefits in the shape of events, lectures and more, exclusive to union members. You also have an opportunity to engage yourself! In the Student Unions and our work. We have student representatives in multiple deciding councils in the university, as an example the council that hires staff and work environment committee. We also have seats in our union where you can engage yourself to develop and shape the Student Union of Borås.

The Student Union of Borås strives to be a prominent part of your student life and through becoming a member you help us and yourself to have the best possible student life in Borås.

Inclusion, safety and opportunity are our values. We strive that you as a member feels included in the student life of Borås, to give you opportunities to grow as a person, a student, and as a career focused person, and we want to give you safety in your student life, through assuring the quality of your education and making sure students have suitable living accommodations.

The fee for a membership is 150 SEK for a semester or 200 SEK for an entire academic year.