Toablad March 4th-12th

Here’s the latest news! There is a lot going on ahead of us and here you’ll find parts of it! Among other things there’s a prom around the corner. So go through your closet and[…]

Welcome to the University of Borås!

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Borås! Down below you will find some information to make your stay here as good as possible. A picture from the “Living room” outside of the University[…]

Toabladet w.21

The last Toablad for this year is now on a toilet near you! We want to say thank you for a great year and also congratulate all of the students who take their degree. To[…]

Toabladet w.10

This weeks Toablad is about application as a student buddy for the fall introduction of 2018 and the sections election for the new year. Make sure you engage yourself and make a difference! You can[…]