Spring Introduction 2022

Are you as excited as we are for next week?

On Monday, the spring semester starts and that means that we welcome all new students of spring 2022 with an introductory week.

We at Studentkåren i Borås (student union in Borås) offer non-compulsory introductory activities so that you have the opportunity to get to know both the university and as many student friends as possible – both the other new students, but also the student buddies.

schema för vårintroduktionen 2022

To make next week as safe as possible, we have chosen to offer some digital activities where you can learn everything about what you need to know ahead of time at the University of Borås. 

In addition to the information, you can discover what opportunities there are to enjoy your study time when the public health authority allows it again. 

Some events are planned on site and you therefore need to register via the Orbi app so that FHM’s recommendations about group sizes can be followed.

In the Orbi app, you can find all the information about the activities that are offered and will in the future be the source of your student life. So download and follow us on it already today!

Check out the introductory schedule on our website via the link in bio or below and find out all the fun things you can start your first semester with!