In Borås the housing situation for students has improved

Borås receives a green mark in this year's housing report from SFS (Sweden’s united student unions). This means that students can be offered safe housing within a month.

Since 2008, SFS  sheds light on students’ housing situation in all of Sweden’s municipalities that have a university campus, on a yearly basis. With the report, SFS wants to highlight how the development looks like from year to year. For students, the housing issue is constantly relevant and having a roof over their heads is a basic security that is crucial for a focused and successful study period.

In the report, the housing situation of university locations is rated as either green, yellow or red, depending on how quickly a student can be offered housing.

In the housing report for 2021, which was released on 30 August, Borås is, for the first time, marked in green.

Safe housing for students within a month

A green marking means that all students with a study rate of at least 15 credits per semester can be offered safe housing in the form of a tenancy with a first-hand contract that is valid throughout the study period, within one month.

– “We at the student union are very proud of the green marking. But we also have to point out that Covid-19 has had a great impact on what the situation looks like today, as unusually many study at a distance and fewer international students apply here. The proactive work we do together with student city Borås (called Studentstad Borås in Swedish) must now continue to ensure that we remain in a green position.” says Vera Thallinger, vice president of the Student Union in Borås.

Collaboration that gives results

The housing group that the student union in Borås runs together with the City of Borås, the University of Borås and AB Bostäder within the framework of student city Borås, meets regularly to jointly review what is going on in the housing market for students. The work is very much about seeing how we can jointly identify obstacles in the processes around new construction projects, but also to gain a clearer picture of what the housing situation looks like on the market.

– “It is very fun that our collaboration has yielded results”, says Kerstin Hermansson (C), municipal councilor in the City of Borås and the person who leads the housing group. “Now it’s time, just as the student union says, to continue to develop – we want to be a top-class student city.”

Mats Tinnsten, Vice Chancellor of the University of Borås agrees:

– “Great news! We want to be an attractive university and this is an important piece of the puzzle in that endeavor. Students who quickly get a good accomodation can focus on their studies instead of worrying about their housing situation. Although the pandemic is one of the reasons why we are on the green level, there are several other important reasons: Since a few years we have focused our work on this important issue and the collaboration with the student union, Borås City and private property owners has been very constructive and rewarding. If we can maintain the good cooperation in the future, the opportunities to get a green mark are great even in a more normal situation after the pandemic”, says he.

About the student city Borås (called Studentstad Borås in Swedish)

Student city Borås is a collaboration between the university, the student union, the Borås business and labor environment (called Borås Näringsliv in Swedish) and the City of Borås that has existed for several years. There is a steering group that leads the work and various working groups that work operationally with issues that affect students – housing, the labor market and business, as well as culture and entertainment. The goal is to create opportunities for concrete student influence in issues that are important to students.