Questions & Answers – Introduction Edition

Today it’s time to answer some frequently asked questions about the upcoming introduction.

Have a look through the carousel post and find out all about the introduction, where to find the schedule, when zoom links will be posted and more.

Feel free to share it with your friends who will start together with you on Monday and in case there are any more questions feel free to contact us.

Graphic with student union colours and a circle with the title 'question and answers - introduction edition'

Do you have to go to all the introduction activities?

  • Taking part in the introduction events is completely voluntary.  
  • It’s organized to help all new students orient themselves and find new friends in town. 

From our experience, the classroom presentation and the digital campus tour can be very helpful in getting to know everything that is important on campus, getting in touch with classmates and getting tips from “older” students who have studied a similar program. 

How to find a schedule for the introduction?

  • You can find the schedule on our website or through our link ‘introductory days fall 2021’ in our Instagram bio. 
  • It’s a different schedule than your program schedule/ class schedule for your education. Those you can find through the course and program portal on 

When and where do you get the zoom link so you can participate in the introductory day?

  • The plan is to publish the zoom links to each class on the first day of the introduction (Monday, August 30) in the morning or even the day before (Sunday, August 29). 
  • You will be able to find the links on the introduction schedule on our website under the point ‘Monday 30th of August’ 

Where do you meet on the 30th: at zoom or on location / where?

  •  You can find out about the locations for every event during the introduction on our introduction schema on our website (click on the link ‘introductory days fall 2021’ in our bio) 

When will you find out who your student buddies are and who are in the same class?

  • This will be published together with the links either the evening before or on the morning of Monday August 30th, 2021 before 9:30 am, on the introduction schedule on our website.  

Can you pick up your passcard already this week?

  • You can pick up your passcard in the library already this week (week 34) from 09:00 to 17:00.  

We who started the spring term 2021 with distance, do we get an introduction now instead?

  • The introduction is planned for new students only and normal students can usually take part by signing up to become a student buddy. This year’s sign up is already closed but keep your eyes open before the next introduction in spring 2022. 

How are we added to our respective class groups on Facebook?

  • The student buddies will add you to your respective classes before Monday August 30, 2021. If you didn’t get invited until the morning of the 30th August, feel free to contact us.  

Are there lessons already on Monday?

  • The first day of the fall term is supposed to be reserved for the introduction activities and therefore there shouldn’t be any classes that day. Make sure to check your Kronox schedule for your program though, in case something changes.