Important news about the Covid19 Vaccination

Are you a new student from Sweden who is moving to Borås to start studying and is worried about how to get the second injection with the Covid19 vaccine?

Then we have good news for you. “Borås Tidning” (newspaper) announced on Friday that there will be opportunities to book an appointment for the second injection in Borås even if you received the first in your home region. 

For that, they write, that you must cancel the time you received from the medical centre where you received the first dose and book at “Arenamottagning I Borås”. Employees at the medical centre in Borås say that you can get in touch with them when you wish to rebook, too.  

“The most important thing you can do to counteract the spread of the Covid-infections is to get vaccinated. Therefore, we will surely help you with your personal case. We will also not refuse anyone to take their first dose here if you are going study somewhere else.” say the vaccination coordinators at the “Arenamottagning I Borås” in an interview on Friday 23/07/2021. 

Vector illustrations of the Covid Vaccine Bottle together with a syringe on a yellow background