A greeting from PrG18

Hello NYS!

We have the extraordinary honour to be the Projectgroup(PrG) for you and your Intro!

Studentlife is…… exciting, unique and something you fall in love with, and we cant wait to show it to you! To be a student is something to cherish, with late parties and early lectures the day after, with songs, colourful clothes and a crazy amount of happiness.


The Introduction will kick-start your student experiene during these two weeks and the student buddies will be there to help you through your transformation from civil to student. You will meet everything and everyone that exists on our campus, meet new friends, and association clubs, group and sections. So that you have something fun to fill the time after your lecture with.

So come and sing with us! Come and play, come and get to know the absolute best that Borås has to offer! Because we have our happy inner child left, do you have your happy inner child left?

With warm, elegant and academic hugs,
The Projectgroup 2018 – Linnéa, Joakim and Olivia

photo: Philip Andersson
Dont forget to take a peak on Instagram #introhb18 for more pictures!