Welcome to the University of Borås!

Congratulations on your admission to the University of Borås! Down below you will find some information to make your stay here as good as possible.

A picture from the “Living room” outside of the University Library. Photographer: Anna Sigge

New Student – Where do I start?

The first thing you need to keep track of is how to register as a student at the university. This happens within a certain time interval and is something you will need to do before each course. But most important right now is to register for your programme! Do not forget that the registration for HT18 (autumn term 2018) is open between the 20th and 28th of August. In order to access all other services that the university uses, such as PING PONG and your student mail, the university has put together a good little step by step guide! For detailed information about your new programme, you will find most of the courses through the Course and programme portal. Information about course literature can be found at the bottom of the article.

First day

On the 3rd of September, you are welcome to your first day as a student. Hurray! You will start the day in the KUBEN building, located right next to the Textile Fashion Center. The address is Skaraborgsvägen 1. When you start depends on which programme you are in. Check your schedule in Kronox for your start time! The day will consist of presentations, guided tours, and lectures to give you a great start to your programme. Throughout the day you will be guided by your student buddies (“fadder” in Swedish) who are current students. Be sure to have a good breakfast (or hearty lunch for those who start in the afternoon) as it’s a day packed with new experiences, meetings, and information. You can read more about the first day and what a student buddy is on our Introduction page.


When your first day is over and the evening comes, the Introduction begins. The Introduction goes on for two weeks; the Student Union, our sections, and association clubs organise activities for you. The Introduction is a way for you to meet other new students and get acquainted with Borås, the university, and student life here in Borås. It is the absolute best start to your student life and the Introduction has something for everyone. Hang out with your programme and other students on an adventure and have the most fun two weeks you will have in your life! The Introduction is open to all new students. Before the evening activity on your first day, you will receive a bracelet from your student buddies. This bracelet is your ticket for all the activities. If you do not attend your first day, you can pick up your bracelet at our reception at a later time. A few things you will do is build a boat, run the “Color Run”, check out the bars in Borås, and especially meet fellow students, student buddies, and our association clubs. You will find the schedule, as well as very useful information, on our Introduction page.


A picture from the beginning of the Color Run held during the Introduction.

Studentkåren i Borås

Studentkåren i Borås is the student group that is the Student Union at the University of Borås. This means that we are responsible for a variety of issues for students and hold a lot of activities. Basically, we work to make your time as a student the best it can be. Our student union is run by student volunteers. We are a student union run by students and for students. A few examples of areas we work with are:

  • To provide the students’ perspective when it comes to the development of the University of Borås
  • To ensure the quality of the university’s courses and programmes, and to drive students’ demands for a good and rewarding education!
  • To work with political issues relating to students such as student health, housing and student economics
  • To run Borås student pub “The Kårner”.
  • To organise parties, trips and other entertainment activities for our students.

Our sections

In order to be able to work on such a wide variety of things, the student union is divided into three different sections. The sections are based on programmes, so Novitas (red) is our section for engineers, economic students and textile students. Humanitas (blue) is our section for nurse students and social welfare students. Finally, Scientias (yellow) is our section for teaching students, librarians and information specialists.

It is our sections that work with all our study social activities such as parties, lunch lectures and trips. As a member of the Student Union, you automatically belong to your section. The section is the easiest springboard into student life and it is the sections that you will meet the first day of your Introduction.


The Student Union is an opportunity for you to test your wings in areas you are interested in. Only you set the limit on what you can work with. If you have an issue you really want to work with, then the Student Union is right for you! The possibilities and the pondus of being a student union are there for you as a member to use, so take the chance to work with your passion together with us.

Sign up to be a member!

Being a member of the Student Union means a couple of things. Indirectly, our work with politics, education quality and quality assurance is a support. More directly, a membership means that you receive support in case of problems with courses, exams or instructors. In addition, you will receive support if you have problems with your Mecenat card and that you will receive the Mecenat card delivered faster. You will have access to a variety of discounts around the city, such as free football tickets to Elfsborg’s home games.

Just 200 SEK per academic year or 150 SEK per term is the fee for a membership, and it is undoubtedly a great way into a successful student life, whether you want to get involved in our work or just be a part of our student union and student life activities.

Join through our member portal or directly at our reception. You can find our reception in Sandgärdet next to the library.

Studentkåren i Borås - fotokollage

Ett kollage från ett par av Studentkårens olika aktiviteter

Are you moving to Borås?

There is no better way to get into student life than to live by the university. Finding accommodation can be challenging and Borås has a housing market that is different from other places. Here are some tips and tricks for those who want to find housing!

To begin with, you need to keep an eye on the difference between “student housing” and a regular residence. Student housing requires that you are a student to rent there, but the extent to which you need to study may differ from landlord to landlord. For example, Borås’ municipal housing company, AB Bostäder Borås, has a requirement that you earn 15 higher education credits per term to rent their student housing.

To facilitate finding student housing, there is a shared housing portal for students. Here, all landlords who have student apartments advertise their apartments when they become vacant. Important to point out is that most people use the “first-come-first-served” system, so apply immediately to make sure you find housing!

Borås has a large number of private landlords. These usually have their own queues, or use the “first-come-first-served” principle. To find these, Borås City has a webpage where they list most of the landlords in the city.

Besides this, there are of course a number of groups on Facebook where you can find apartments in Borås. Simply search for “Apartments in Borås” (“Lägenheter i Borås” in Swedish) and look around. Even blocket.se is a good idea for someone seeking housing.

Furniture and things like that then?

IKEA? No, in Borås, we have no such luxury! The nearest IKEA store is in Gothenburg. Instead, Borås residents are very good at finding furniture secondhand–a sustainable and affordable solution. Borås has three secondhand stores in the city: Myrorna, Emmaus and Erikshjälpen. A given stop for those who want simple dishes, glasses and maybe a bookshelf or the like.

In addition to these, there are a few good Facebook groups, such as “Borås NYA Loppis” and “Borås köp och sälj“.

Otherwise, Mio, Jysk, EM Home, and similar furniture and interior decor stores can be found in the city. So even if IKEA is a bit far away, there are a bunch of good options for you.

During the Introduction we will arrange a trip to IKEA, but also the student association group “Hållbar Student” (meaning “Sustainable student”) will arrange a secondhand store safari. More info can be found in the Introduction schedule.

You can get course litterature here!

Course literature … it’s exciting! Some say they’ve never bought a book, others say they have bought every book on the list. In any case, literature is an important part of your education. How important it is depends greatly on the course. A tip is always to ask the course coordinator which books are important and which are less important so you know what you need to buy and not. The University Library has copies of each course book, both lendable and those which cannot leave the library.

To buy books, you can contact the Facebook group for used course literature in Borås, “Begagnad kurslitteratur i Borås” in Swedish. There, students sell their books cheaper than the original price. The student bookshop is also a great place to buy both used and new course literature. You can also sell your old books through the store. This is a great place for course literature and is located right next to the university!

hexagoner i biblioteket

Studentkåren i Borås logo around students in the University Library.