Scientias has had an election!

Scientias held their membermeeting where the section elected its coming section board, council members and committees. Congratulations to those who were elected and we look forward to see your coming work!

The Board

Chairman: Joakim Byvik

Board member: Tyra Markebo

Board member: Emma Wennerberg

Board member: Anton Friberg

The section also elected the following:

  • Council member: Joakim Byvik
  • Council member: Tyra Markebo
  • Council member: Eddie Magnusson
  • Academy managers council: Joakim Byvik
  • Academycouncil: Joakim Byvik

There are still some positions unfilled in the section. If you want to get engaged in the sections work and make a real difference to a lot of student get in touch with