A Welcome letter from the Introduction

Welcome to The Student Union of Borås, The University of Borås, Borås city, and your next life changing step.

You have made an active choice to educate yourself, to acquire new knowledge and experiences, to turn the page and start a new chapter of your life. The student life is a period where you are shaped in unpredictable ways. Many meet their future partner, best friends, and experiences a whole new world. A world that is filled with relaxation and stress, happiness and anxiety, irritation and joy. It’s a multiple sided where you will grow as a person.

This is frightening for many. To help you land on your feet in your new life, the student union arranges an introduction. The Introduction is our way of showing you everything new. You will meet all of the functions at the university that will get you through your education. You will meet the union and the student life that we have at our campus. And you will get to know the city of Borås and everything it has to offer. Around you, you will have your student buddies. These are older students that will support you and help you get a great start of your student life.

Take the chance and participate! You can find more information about the introduction here and on the Facebook event.

// The Projectgroup 2018 – Joakim Byvik, Linnéa Liljegren, Melanie Königsson, Olivia Friberg,