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This is where you find the list of challenges for the introduction 2022!

Grab a Point General (PG) in orange student buddy shirts and do your best to impress them with your talents. The PG gang scores completed challenges and compiles the points, until there is a victorious section in the introduction championship!

  1. Dress up a person with a certain theme (check in PG #22 on the introduction-insta which theme applies for the day) 
  2. Recreate a scene from Mamma Mia 
  3. Arrange a sing-along 
  4. Give a public speech 
  5. Present a tribute speech to any of the Point Generals  
  6. Wax any body part 
  7. Make a music video 
  8. Represent your section
  9. Convince someone that six-pack abs are just a conspiracy theory and don't exist
  10. Take a picture where all campus associations participate 
  11. Practice and perform a 'gyckel' 
  12. Get autographs from everyone in the introduction's Project Group 
  13. Write a song dedicated to a section other than your own
  14. Send an email to introductionen@studentkareniboras.se and tell us why the introduction is so good             Write PG assignments in the case window
  15. Perform an act of synchronized artistic swimming 
  16. Take a påicture with Sasa, but not at lunchtime 
  17. As a group, do the worm around the lazy student 
  18. Have a picnic on any floor of the school 
  19. Borås is an art city with many statues - make your contribution to the culture of the city by making a statue on Campus
  20. Prank call a student buddy and say you're going to have a baby 
  21. Convince a student buddy with a 'ovve' name that they should have a different name 
  22. Enter the Systemet and recommend a beer to the staff 
  23. Write a love poem to the Vice President of the Student Union with responsibility for education and read it to them 
  24. Make a balloon animal out of condoms 
  25. Take a picture of someone's toilet 
  26. Performe of one of the student-like dances that are done in Borås 
  27. Find the big condom bag at school 
  28. Convince someone that eating fishfood is the secret to fast, big muscles 
  29. Hold a funeral/thanksgiving for Corona 
  30. Borås is Sweden's rainiest city - convince someone that it should rain more 
  31. Have a conversation with a Point General and at least two others of a different nationality 
  32. Invite a Point General to a high school disco 
  33. Carry out a caps ring with your student group and have a student buddy explain the rules (optional content in the glasses) 
  34. Performe an interpretation of a high school musical scene 
  35. Make a "promposal" to one of the introduction's events 
  36. Stand at a bicycle pump and try to attract customers 
  37. Conduct a silent demonstration at the lazy student
  38. Come to a lecture with a dressing gown and headgear 
  39. Acting as a mannequin in a shop window (permission must always be obtained) 
  40. Put Make-up on a student buddy 
  41. Kill 3 birds with one stone 
  42. Get someone to join the "Urkeljunga gang"
  43. Create a Tinder profile for Brunte 
  44. Create a human boat 
  45. Challenge another section to a dance battle 
  46. Give a Point General a makeover 
  47. Make a section flag 
  48. Give a presentation about the Point Generals 
  49. Write a song for an association 
  50. Make a Shoey 
  51. Convince someone that SpongeBob SquarePants is based on a true story 
  52. Organize an eating contest 
  53. Paint a portrait off the Point Generals 
  54. Organize a bark boat race 
  55. Give the Point Generals a gift 
  56. Go on a job interview with Sasa  
  57. Fix a date for Brunte 
  58. Brunte is going to Fashion Week - create a piece of clothing for Brunte 
  59. Make a treasure map for a student buddy 
  60. Organize a children's party 
  61. Juggle 
  62. Entertain 
  63. Human bowling 
  64. Conduct a Mario Kart race live 
  65. Find the Project Group Coordinator and their bitch and praise their work
  66. Roast the Point Generals  
  67. Try to break a world record  
  68. Form a new word 
  69. Arrange wheelbarrow taxi 
  70. Build a tower 
  71. Find the Project Group's flag and accompanying mascot, and give it a surprise 
  72. Give love to Brunte 
  73. Hold a trial 
  74. Talk to the Student Union President about a car-free campus
  75. Start a pillow fight 
  76. Sing a bedtime song to the lazy student 
  77. Create the longest conga train 
  78. Seduce a statue 
  79. Perform the Swedish national anthem as patriotically as possible 
  80. Explain to a stranger why they should start studying at the University of Borås 
  81. Dance the bug with a student buddy 
  82. Argue for which mascot is best 
  83. Create a cheer for the Point Generals 
  84. Hold an event in an elevator 
  85. Act as a news anchor and report on an event in town 
  86. Shop at a drive-in without a motor vehicle 
  87. Bribe the Project Group Manager in the right way
  88. Help a stranger cross the street 
  89. Organize a swimming school 
  90. Lay a human puzzle  
  91. Make a human spiral 
  92. Bibbidi-bobbidi-do - do magic for Bibbi 
  93. Mix up Curie's signature drink 
  94. Have a pint with Pajnt 
  95. Give Gadget a gadget 
  96. Pirate with Jackrow 
  97. Arrest Securitas 
  98. Make a castle for Malmborg 
  99. Turn something on and off in front of On/off 
  100. Arrange Mimer's wedding